Have a good understanding of blockchain technology, but wondering how to get up and running with CoinPress? You’re in the right place. (If not, check out our Blockchain 101 guide!)

Creating Your Coin

Choosing whether to register

Creating your Coin and Wallet via CoinPress could not be simpler. Click on the green “create a coin” button in the upper right-hand corner of the page, and you’ll be taken to a screen where you’ll be given the option to register.

You do not have to register to create a coin — you will be able to access your coin’s wallet at any time via the coin abbreviation you’ll be creating in the next step — but registering will help you find your coins more quickly and, in the future, give you the ability to do things like creating info pages for your coins.

Coin Create Form

Next, you will be taken to the page where you can actually create your new coin. There are three different fields you need to fill out:

  • Name: a unique display name for your coin, such as Dank Meme Coin (which is what we are using in our example.)
  • Abbreviation: a 3-8 character abbreviation for your coin. It is important to remember this because it is how you can access and share the page your wallet!
  • Starting difficulty: the starting difficulty of the puzzles used in the mining algorithm used to reward miners who solve blocks on the blockchain. Because this difficulty will increase over time as more blocks are added to the chain, it is highly recommended you start low unless you have a good reason to do otherwise.

Finally, after a recaptcha verification — and assuming your name/abbreviation are unique and meet the validation requirements — you can submit the form to create your coin!

Wallet download

Once your coin is created, you should see a coin info page with a link to download your wallet. (Windows only for now, but we are working on Linux / OSX versions, so stay tuned!)

When you click the “Download Wallet” button, it will automatically begin a download of a ZIP containing all the files you need.

Using the Wallet

Running the program

Once your ZIP has finished downloading, you’ll want to extract all of its contents somewhere on your computer. (In this example, we extracted it to a wallet folder on our desktop.)

Open the folder you just created and scroll down until you find the file Wallet.exe. Run this file to open your wallet.

Mining your Coin

If all went well, you should see your coin’s name on the wallet. We generated a public key for you (seen below under “Account Address”) and a private key, which lives in the same folder as wallet.exe with the extension {Wallet Name}.private. It is important not to share your private key with anyone, as that will give them access to your coins!

To start mining your new coin, simply click the “Start Mining” button! After a few seconds, you should see your balance start to increase.

You can also use your wallet to send your coin to other people, and mining pools and blockchain explorers are coming soon!