Introducing downloadable server nodes for your CoinPress coin

CoinPress allows you to get a coin off the ground extremely quickly, and for small or test deployments the included automatic free nodes are plenty to accomplish your goals. A crucial part of being able to successfully grow your crypto coin, however, is making sure your coin network stays up even if is unavailable. Server nodes are now offered for download on the coin info page of every CoinPress coin and allow you to decentralize your network.

If you forgot to register, you can figure out your coin info page by your coin’s abbreviation. It’s in the format:

So for instance if you wanted to download the wallet or dedicated server for DankMemeCoin (DMC) it would be

Tech Specs

Check out the documentation if you want to know more specifics.

There’s still some quirks

  • You can enter geth console commands into the console of the dedicated server without modification. It doesn’t handle multi-step commands all that amazingly though. If a command is going to ask for follow-up information, it probably won’t work right.
  • The Windows version includes both the wallet and the server instance. They should both work without installing anything else if your Windows version is at all up to date with some updates, but you shouldn’t run them both at the same time yet.
  • It’s pretty easy to break console input. Hitting enter with no commands a few times seems sufficient to render the input broken but leave the server otherwise fully functional.
  • OSX and Linux will need to install the Geth client.

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