Loupe: The open source C# ASP.NET Core blockchain explorer

Github Loupe is an open source C# ASP.NET Core blockchain explorer for Ethereum based crypto coins made using Razor Pages and DotNet Core 2.1. It’s designed to be highly portable and will also eventually power the free hosted blockchain explorers for coins made with the CoinPress cryptocurrency generator. Installation is very simple and requires only … Continued

Introducing downloadable server nodes for your CoinPress coin

CoinPress allows you to get a coin off the ground extremely quickly, and for small or test deployments the included automatic free nodes are plenty to accomplish your goals. A crucial part of being able to successfully grow your crypto coin, however, is making sure your coin network stays up even if CoinPress.cc is unavailable. … Continued

Peer discovery issues with private blockchains

Trying to make your own cryptocurrency and running into issues with your peer nodes not discovering each other? In this blog post you will learn how to make an altcoin built on the Ethereum protocol connect to other peers, and what was done to automatically work around these limitations for cryptocoins generated on Coinpress.cc. Ethereum … Continued

Common Problems Setting Up a Private Ethereum Blockchain

Can’t get your private Ethereum blockchain to work? There’s not a lot of documentation on getting private blockchains working other than some very basic setup guides. There’s very little troubleshooting information out there for what to do when suddenly your client won’t mine, or when adding a peer returns true, but the peer never actually … Continued

Threats to Altcoins and Small or Private Blockchains

Aside from the classic Denial-of-Service attacks or bugs that haven’t yet been discovered, the very nature of Ethereum and blockchain in general make it susceptible to a few methods of subversion, especially when you’ve made your own altcoin on your own blockchain and your mining pool hashrate is still on the small side. Other attacks, such as replay attacks, are enabled by intentionally or unintentionally not enabling protection for them.